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Blogging: Best laid schemes of mice and men


….gang aft a-gley. After praising the new Squarespace iOS app, Blog, I had a good chance to try out this editing and posting tool while in China. It worked perfectly and I was more enthusiastic than ever. As it turns out, My enthusiasm was premature.

On the plane back from Beijing I pulled out my iPad and keyboard and settled down to write a few weasel words of entertainment for my readers. Imagine my surprise when I found I was barred from the Blog app. It wanted me to enter the Macfilos Squarespace credentials and, of course, from 30,000-feet up in the sky there was no chance of that working. As a result, my plan to compose a number of posts for Macfilos and have them automatically publish as soon as 4G was restored at Heathrow came to naught. Instead I reverted to the trusty Editorial app and have since had to copy and paste the text into Squarespace.

This was very annoying. It is the first time it has happened with the new Blog app but it was a frequent and frustrating occurrence with the old and awful Squarespace app. If you cannot rely on an editor then there is not much point in using it. Pity.

I have asked Squarespace for an explanation and the problem has been “escalated”. This, I think, means they don’t have the answer but will try to find one.

Despite this niggle, Blog is on the right lines. I have been using it today while out and about in London and it has worked perfectly. In most ways I now prefer it to using the Squarespace web editor which remains temperamental and uninspiring. If Blog can be made reliable I will be tempted to use the iPad for Macfilos posts most of the time. No longer will I feel the need to carry a MacBook around when travelling other than, perhaps, for photo processing.


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