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Eric Kim: The street photography workshop starts


If you wish to send the same email to a number of friends or contacts you'll find several apps available for the iPhone. Most insist on originating the mail from within the app. Mailshot by Newcastle, UK, developer Soluble Apps tackles things from a different angle, bringing the ability to easily email groups of people from any app, including the built-in Mail application.


The trick is to create a group as a new contact in Address Book. Let's say, for instance, you create a list for members of a club. From within the app, create a name (Club Contacts, for instance) and then simply select and add the members of the group from your existing contacts.

Then, when you wish to mail your fellow members you simple insert the Club Members address book card into the email header. This way you have full control over the selection of To, CC and BCC. Usually, I hope, you will select BCC because nothing annoys me more than getting an email which discloses a long list of addresses. It's a spammers' delight.

There's only one snag in that the group members are not dynamically linked to their address book cards. So if details change you need to use Mailshot to select the new email address. Unless you are careful and keep on top of the job you could end up sending to an out-of-date address.

Nevertheless, Mailshot is a highly usable app for anyone who regularly mails a group of people. The free version allows you to create three groups with up to five people in each group. An in-app upgrade, costing £2.39 unlocks the ability to create up to 50 different groups, each with up to 50 members.

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First evening and it was meet and greet time followed by the initial presentation on street photography. This morning we are being unleashed on the streets of London.