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TaxCalc for Mac: The last step in my Mac conversion


Eight years ago when I first moved from Windows to Mac there was a long list of applications (or programs as we used to call them) that wouldn’t run under OS X. I installed a Windows emulator which took up disk space and needed constant attention for updates and maintenance. Since then, there is little a Mac cannot do and do better than Windows. Pretty soon my use of the emulator dwindled into a once-a-year trial as I attempted to complete my tax return.

Today I can at last delete the Windows emulator because TaxCalc, the only viable tax-calculation software for individuals in the UK, has made it to OS X. For the past few months I have been using the beta version and I have found it works in exactly the same way as the long-established Windows system.

Encouragingly, also, the new TaxCalc works with data files created under the Windows 2013 version so changeover is painless. It means that after April 5 you can open the new Mac version and import your 2013 file as the template for the new return.

TaxCalc’s SimpleStep mode walks you through the complexities of the Revenue & Customs jungle and I can tell you without fear of contradiction that filling in your form on a Mac is faster and easier than hand-writing the paper version. You can also submit your return electronically and get an immediate acknowledgement from the R&C website. I don’t even bother printing the return any more, except as a PDF file for my records.

You can get the 2013 version here. The 2014 version will be announced as soon as all the Budget tax changes have been incorporated, usually in mid-year.