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Thunderbolt’s last stand in new MacPro


I have always been a big fan of Thunderbolt but have remained worried that only Apple appears to be committed to the standard. With the inferior but ubiquitous USB 3.0 making headway, Thunderbolt has a whiff of the FireWire about it.

This month Macworld has published Jim Galbraith’s informative run-down on the 20 Gbps Thunderbolt 2 connector and where it stands in the market. It’s an interesting state-of-the-nation assessment of this rather neglected connection standard.

With new emphasis on Thunderbolt 2 ports in the new Mac Pro, Apple is showing signs of putting more cash and energy behind the standard. Thunderbolt peripheraps, apart from a handful of external drives and docks, are still few and far between. With the arrival of the Mac Pro, however, let us hope that third-party manufacturers will be encouraged to new efforts.