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At Apple WWDC with London Mac User Group


Instead of my usual solitary vigil over the Mac Book Pro, this evening I joined over 100 members and guests of the London Mac User Group to watch the live stream of the Apple World Wide Developer Conference Keynote in San Francisco. No new Big Thing was announced but we had solid advances in every aspect of the Apple ecosystem, including a first look at iOS 8 and the new version of OS X, dubbed Yosemite. Farewell Mavericks. 

For me, one of the biggest surprises was the new ultra reasonable iCloud Drive pricing, including $48 a year for 200GB of storage. Currently I pay Dropbox four times as much for the same amount of storage. Apple is also promising up to 1TB of storage in the near future. Something has to give, very likely at Dropbox, if a mass exodus is to be avoided.