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Hektor: Fleeting moments, fleeting delusions

  Photo: Canon EOS M and 18-55mm zoom
Photo: Canon EOS M and 18-55mm zoom

So often in life we see what we want to see and not what is actually there. I was aiming my new £199 Canon EOS M across a busy London road when, out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed what looked like a vintage camera, a Leica no less, on the side of a bus. I punched the rear screen of the Canon right in the middle of poster as the bus passed. My eye registered the words Hector and Happiness at the same time.

As the ad trundled off down the road my head was full of fantasy. Max Berek’s Hektor is perhaps the most famous dog in photography, donating its name to a series of Leitz Hektor lenses. And that camera was surely a Leica M3. What a coincidence, I thought. I would have liked a closer look but no chance of that. Full of curiosity, I settled down in a nearby Starbucks and checked the picture on the Canon. Obviously, as you already know from the result above, this wasn’t a Leica. Nor did Hector have any significance. Only happiness ruled because I rather liked the picture.

The association was entirely in my mind. Still, it is nice to see a camera featured so prominently: A camera that is now readily identified as a modern Fuji X100. To the uninitiated and at a distance, I suppose, it can look a bit like an M3.