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Dyson’s new robot vacuum cleaner looks like it means business


I have not been impressed by the concept of robot vacuum cleaners so far. They just don’t look right. Perhaps I’m biased (I freely admit to an irrational fetish for Dysons) but the new Dyson 360 Eye does look the business. If it works as well as my Dyson Animal DC59  then I definitely see one of these on the horizon. If it can be controlled from Starbucks via my iPhone I shall be in seventh heaven. Imagine. No more housework.


  1. I’d hold the applause on this one .Not every Dyson egg is a bird .Dyson vacuum cleaners.We’ve had two .Both excellent .Dyson hand dryers in public toilets .Excellent .At last dry hands .But let’s not forget the ludicrously priced Dyson washing machine which had as its unique selling proposition that it washed your clothes .It totally bombed .And we were mugs to buy a ludicrously overpriced Dyson tower fan which makes a noise like Concorde on takeoff and doesn’t push out that much air anyway .We should have bought a much quieter and more effective bladed Chinese made fan for 10% of the price.I see that Dyson now has a new model of the tower fan which they claim is 70% quieter .It needs to be .Lord Dyson if you need my address for where to send my refund get it through Mike on this blog .

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