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Apple Watch: Achilles’ heel battery life will be its downfall — or will it?


Battery life, which was not mentioned at the presentation on Tuesday, is forecast by some to be the downfall of the device, nothing less than its Achilles’ heel. It is feared that the Watch could need charging every day. Shock, horror!

But who other than a dreamer really thought the battery would last longer than that? Given the Watch’s diminutive size and multi-talented capabilities, once-a-day charging is actually an impressive feat. Unless Apple has surreptitiously managed an overnight revolution in battery technology, I cannot imagine how anyone could have imagined the watch lasting more than one day on a charge.

Daily charging is a fact of life with current iPhone and iPad models and the Watch will be no different. In most ways I actually prefer the discipline of overnight charging because it becomes routine. With devices that last days (such as the Kindle) it is a struggle to remember when to charge them and the danger of running flat is actually increased.

I anticipate no major problems with the battery life of the Watch and it is quite unfair to overplay the battery argument. In the future, as battery technology improves and chips consume less, we will see improved life from all devices. For now, thought, daily charging is the norm and we should quit whinging. 


  1. Mike , you’ve been hitting the Apple Kool Aid again.One day battery life an Achilles’ Heel ! Sounds more like a fatal flaw to me.
    Those of us who have been around long enough can remember the much hyped Apple Newton.A device which appears to have been totally erased from the Apple corporate memory.I feel a Newton Mark 2 coming on….

    • No, it’s the Reality Soda I’ve been drinking. Who in the world thought this Apple Watch would run for more than a day on one battery charge? It may look vaguely like a traditional wrist watch but in reality it is a small computer–a small iPhone if you like–and the laws of physics cannot be ignored, even by Apple. Users of modern phones and iPads will not be surprised and will accept overnight charging as the norm.

      • I ought to add that for the Apple Watch to last a full day on one charge, requiring just overnight charging, will actually be an achievement. The danger will be if it starts running out of juice in the late afternoon or early evening. Now that will be a problem.

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