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iPhone 6 Plus arriving in UK sooner than originally scheduled


When I ordered the iPhone 6 Plus last week I was quoted a delivery date between September 30 and October 3. Yesterday I got a revised delivery of this coming Monday, September 22. Today came another advice, threatening delivery tomorrow, September 20. This year Apple seem to have speeded things up considerably. 

Today I bought an Apple leather case and screen protector film in anticipation of being up and running tomorrow. While at Apple’s White City store I had a brief play with the 6 Plus and was pleasantly surprised that the reported hugeness wasn’t quite as huge as I had imagined. The device is slimmer than the iPhone 5S, obviously so, and the weight feels the same. All in all, I think I am going to be pleased and will not have to return the 6 Plus in favour of the smaller phone. 

Now my thoughts are turning to looking after the device. Last year I dropped my iPhone 5 two months before the 5S was announced. It was protected by a Belkin case with leather flap. Unfortunately the flap was open and the phone landed face down on a small pebble. That little slip cost me £179. Bearing this in mind, I intend to purchase Apple Care for the new phone. It’s something I have never thought necessary with a phone (although I invariably buy Apple Care for a Mac) but last year’s experience has taught me otherwise. For the £79 premium I get extended warranty and, crucially can get damage, including broken screen, repaired for £55 a pop. Mathematicians among you will instantly realise that one broken screen, including the cost of Apple Care, will come to £134, but this is still £45 cheaper than having Apple repair/replace the phone. And you are left with another life in case disaster strikes twice.

One more thing. I make very few phone calls and this is one of the main reasons I think I can be happy with the iPhone 6 Plus. Most of the time I will use it as a small iPad mini. With this in mind I ordered a cheap set of Bluetooth headphones. The fancy ones in the Apple store cost over £100 but I decided this was too much when I intend to use them only for voice calls. 

So the £21.75 Bluedio Sport S3 arrived the next day. I have to say I am impressed. The build quality is good, the reproduction of music is ok (but I am no great judge of this). It is certainly good enough for phone calls. It drapes round the neck and has silicon ear widgets which appear to be a dead ringer for those on Bose headphones costing six times the price. 

I intend to keep the phones in a pocket and pull them out instead of the iPhone 6 Plus when one of the rare incoming calls materialises. This, in my opinion, this is neater than wearing one of those dorky in-ear phones all the time.

If you fancy a pair of the Bluedio phones to go with your new iPhone 6 Plus I’ve added an Amazon link below.

TRACKING NOTE: So much for getting my hopes up. After being told the package would deb delivery today, Saturday, I checked with UPS to find it is still in Korea and is now scheduled for September 22.

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