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David Sparks on choosing iPhone 6 or 6 Plus


Everyone I know has had trouble choosing between the iPhone 6 and the larger 6 Plus. I eventually chose the 6 Plus and am very happy with it. David Sparks of MacSparky had a similar dilemma but made the opposite choice. He exchanged his 5.5in initial choice phone for the smaller 4.7in device which suits him better as he explains here.

I have now settled in to life with the 6 Plus and am enjoying it immensely. My iPad mini, while still being used occasionally around the house, has not been out with me for the day since the 6 Plus arrived. Add the convenience of the Snugg case/stand and my modified Logitech keyboard and I have a winning lightweight combination.

Problems remain. Not all iPhone apps have yet been optimised for the larger screen. Many do not work in landscape mode, which is now my default viewing option. Others, such as 1Password have been optimised but, disappointingly, have no support for landscape. This is perhaps the biggest trade-off when going with the larger phone. It works so well in landscape mode for browsing, reading and writing that is is a constant frustration to find often-used apps such as 1Password lying on their side. 

There is only one aspect of the 6 Plus that I truly dislike. The 16:9 screen format is not my favourite and I would prefer the more usable proportions of the iPad mini and iPad Air. The 6 Plus looks too long and too narrow. Paradoxically, however, the length of the screen when viewed in landscape offers greater possibilities for landscape mode. The extra width lends itself to sidebar-style displays. For good examples of this implementation look no further than Apple’s Notes and Contacts.

We have a long way to go before the iPhone 6 Plus can be regarded as a true substitute for an iPad mini. But I believe developers will rise to the occasion and we will see many more 6-Plus implementations of popular apps. In the meantime, these reservations are more than offset by the greater convenience of having just one device to carry around.