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Nikon Coolpix A camera in best Christmas deal


Steve Huff says:

The fabulous Nikon Coolpix A, the pocket APS-C IQ monster that sold for $1100 since launch has now sunken to an amazing LOW price for the Silver model (which looks really sharp in person). Do not pay $1099, nope! B&H Photo is blowing out the silver Coolpix A for $399. THIS my friends is the best deal of the year I think.

My question is why? I have not had the chance to play with the Nikon Coolpix A (I have “seen it in person” and even fondled it, however) but, if it is as fabulous as Steve maintains, why is the price dropping like a stone? Like the Canon EOS M, the Coolpix A is a johnny-come-lately mirrorless offering that has not been a monumental success. When this happens prices drop. There is no doubt that both cameras can now be described as bargains, but is this the only reason to buy them?

There are four good reasons not to buy the Nikon or the Canon: They are Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji and Sony.