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How to work from two computers now that the desktop is back in fashion


Apple’s 5K iMac has been extremely successful. I, for one, have abandoned my previously stated preference for one powerful but transportable MacBook Pro in favour of this beautifully screened desktop monster which is anything but transportable. Instead of relying on just the one laptop, I now find myself dusting off the 2012 MacBook Air and checking to see if everything is in sync.

Working from two computers used to be a nightmare. Preparing for a trip involved checking that all files that might possible be needed were present on the portable. And, more often than not, only later would some omission, perhaps even a crucial application, be discovered. 

This has largely changed with the availability of cloud-based data and the App Store which makes sure all your software (other than stuff purchased directly from developers) is bang up to date. Applications such as Dropbox and 1Password have further eased the way to worry free travelling.

Jason Snell of Sixcolours.com has had exactly the same experience, having gone from using just one portable computer to buying an iMac and having to think once more about his portable needs. In this account he runs us through the pitfalls and the new-found pleasures of cloud synchronisation.