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Tom Grill compares the Sony A7r with Fuji’s X-T1


Tom Grill is conducting a fascinating comparison between the Sony A7r and the Fuji X-T1. In many respects these cameras are like two peas in a pod, as Tom points out:

One funny thing that happened is that I kept mistaking my X-T1 for the A7II. I keep my X-T1 handy near my desk, and the two cameras do have a similar profile so it was easy to confuse the two. Once, I even tried to mount a Fuji lens on the Sony and was annoyed that it didn’t fit, until I realized my mistake and laughed.

  Photo: Tom Grill
Photo: Tom Grill

But the two cameras are radically different in approach, even ignoring the different sensor sizes. The Sony, with its PASM control and more reliance on menus, is the mirrorless version of a DSLR. The Fuji, on the other hand, takes the rangefinder paradigm to new levels with its almost complete set of manual controls. Even if it does have a DSLR-style viewfinder pod that makes it a ringer for the Sony at first glance.

I am currently working on my comparison of the Fuji, the Sony (in my case the 7II) and the Leica M, Tom’s views so far are very much in line with mine.

You can read Tom Grill’s adventures with the two cameras here.