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Leica Q: Back to sea level and reality after a week in the Swiss Alps


MacFilos has been neglected over the past week because I have been running up and down the Swiss Alps, Leica Q in hand, enjoying the superb alpine food and sampling some of the highest railway lines in the world.

I took both the Leica Q and a Fuji X-T10 with the superb 56mm f/1.2. I thought I might need a longer lens. But, as it turned out, most of the time I was shooting happily with the Q’s 28mm. This camera really shines at landscapes and I found the wider lens more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

The image quality and colour rendition is superb and I couldn’t have wished for a more handy carry-around camera. I’m now working on a longer article with lots of Q images and a focus on the wonderful Berner Oberland region which includes the Jungfrau and Eiger.

Above: Grindelwald station for connection between the BOB (Berner Oberland Bahn) and the WAB (Wengernalpbahn), start point for most tourists on their trek to the top of the Jungfraujoch. Below: The notorious North Face of the Eiger, looming above Grindelwald. On the right is the Mönch, looking quite approachable.