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Pop-up case for Leica. A good idea at a pretty hefty price


I was intrigued when I read about the Pop-Up Camera Case by London leather craftsmen, Hardgraft. A case to take a Leica digital or film camera—or similar-sized cameras such as the Q— the Pop-Up has the big advantage of folding flat when not in use. I like the concept and it is likely to be a good choice for travel, especially when taking just one camera and lens. Made in Italy from high-grade nappa leather, the Pop-Up comes with an adjustable wool and leather shoulder strap which can be attached to the camera for greater security. 

There’s only one snag as far as I’m concerned: The hefty price tag of £417.60. I’m not rushing to buy but readers might be more keen. Even if you are not a buyer for the Pop-Up, the web site is well worth a visit because of the vast range of small leather goods, including for technology and eyewear. 

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