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Zorki S: From here to infinity


Fancy a bit of à la carte treatment for your 1950s Zorki S rangefinder? This pretty little number is currently listed on eBay at around $185. I can’t decide whether it looks like one of those highly decorated trucks you see on Indian roads or a matryoshka doll. If this extravaganza floats your boat you can bid for it here. (Thanks to Ivor Cooper for bringing this to my attention).



  1. Camera of Year? And no worries about Red Dots or Thumbies or any other nonsense. A true FSU model. My wife once gave me a present of a Zorki for Christmas, but it was plain vanilla (chrome). This is one repainted camera worth keeping, unlike some of the other repainted stuff one sees floating around on the internet.


    • Like a broken cruise missile, or a superannuated civil servant, still looking to score but as usual, missing the target.

      The Thumbie has practical value, the red dot and the Zorki object have none.

      • I am indifferent to both Red Dots and Thumbie things. ‘Chacun a son gout’ as the French might say. My point about this camera is that you have to worry about neither.



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