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iPhone Stand: At last, a light, thin folding stand for smartphones


Since I use my iPhone 7 Plus as a writing tool I need something to prop it up in front of the lightweight and effective Logitech Keys-to-Go Bluetooth keyboard. You would think this would be a popular accessory, that there would be dozens to choose from. But it is not so and I have been searching for a couple of years for the perfect stand. I have now found it.

It’s a small victory, but one that makes a tremendous improvement to my experience car of working on the iPhone, something I do most days. Many of the articles on Macfilos are written in this way rather than on a computer or iPad.

Up to now I have been using a white plastic folding stand which was effective but bulky and quite heavy at 70 grams. It did the job but I was never entirely happy. I thought about a prop stand attached to the back of the case and investigated several potential solutions; none, however, tickled my fancy enough to abandon the plastic stand.

Last week I decided to have another trawl through Amazon and came across the simple but effective MoKo Multi-angle Fold-up smartphone stand. I bought it on whim — it was a £1 off day — and it cost me only £4.99. It arrived the next day thanks to Amazon Prime and so far it perfectly matches my requirements. The little stand weights only 30g or 1.06oz. Collapsed, it is flat and just 5mm thick (but with a 10mm lip at one end to support a smartphone). It opens easily and a folding arm extends to slot into the base section which has five different settings (marked from 60 degrees to 75 degrees). The 60 degree setting is just about right for me. The phone cradle is lined with a strip of cushioned silicone material and there are four padded feet to ensure a firm seating on any flat surface.

The plastic construction appears to be sturdy, although the entire stand is so thin that there cannot be a lot of strength there. The hinges are based on a metal rod and look serviceable enough. But, just in case of any future breakage or loss, I’ve ordered two more stands as backup.

There is no fancy packaging — just a simple plastic bag — and no instructions. But then this device is simplicity itself and could be fathomed out by a six-month-old baby. Simplicity, though, has its is virtues in this case.

Together with the Keys-to-Go keyboard, the stand provides an absolutely basic and minimalist travel companion. It is much more compact and infinitely lighter (210g, 7.4oz in total) than any other keyboard/stand combination I can envisage. It turns the iPhone plus in to a more portable and effective writing tool than an iPad or MacBook. It will work with most smartphones, even when clad in a lightweight case, and could probably accommodate even an iPad mini or similar.

I can thoroughly recommend the MoKo and, if you want one you can find it here at Amazon.

Images: MoKo, via Amazon



    • William is essentially right that the smartphone is ultimately the best camera because it is the one you have with you. But if you are posing the question of which "proper" camera to have with you most of the time then the Ricoh is by far the best choice. I think every photographer should have one somewhere about his person. It never fails to perform and the important thing is that it is not a compromise. It is a genuine star performer.

      • It is always the one you have with you whether it is a Box Brownie, a Leica or a Hasselblad or just a phone. I generally bring a ‘real’ camera with me when I am on a walk not associated with business or commerce. Yesterday it was a Leica M240 with a 50 Summilux. Today it was an iPhone as I was in town on business. Tomorrow it might be something completely different.


    • I’m all for balance and symmetry, so I’ll probably have a MoKo in every pocket. So far I am loving this little device.


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