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Overexposed: Bill Palmer’s new Brexit spy thriller hits the shelves


Our very own Bill Palmer has turned novelist. This week his first attempt at thriller writing hit the bookstalls: Overexposed: The Queen’s Wayfarers Book 1

Bill has previously seen success with his European city break travel guide, F8 and Been There and the new novel also has a strong photographic theme that will appeal to readers of Macfilos.

The hero of the new series is one Guy Miller who, I have to say, bears a striking resemblance to the author himself — he even lives in the same town and owns a garage full of Fuji camera equipment.

This Guy has been recruited as a Queen’s Messenger and has to carry an ultra-secret dispatch across 1,500 miles of Europe. Yes, out with the old cold-war spy baddies and in with the new crop of European schemers determined to do down plucky little Albion and its new breed of Brexiteers.

According to the publicity blurb, Bill’s new hero has his work cut out:

“The contents of his dispatch could change the course of Brexit – and of the world itself. To get home he has to contend with a French secret agent, a mole back in England betraying his every move and a dodgy knee. His only assets are his wits, his camera and a small packet of blister plasters.

“Overexposed is the first in the exciting new series featuring the Queen’s Wayfarers. Their sole purpose is to hide in plain sight while carrying Britain’s most sensitive secrets worldwide. Follow Guy in a thrilling chase from Lisbon to Seville – and beyond…”

Well, I’ve started following and I’m involved already. I’ll let you know my views in due course. It’s a brave move for Bill to enter the world of spy novels and I’m sure we all wish him great success. 

To help him along the way, why not buy a copy of his book from Amazon? Here in the UK the paperback version costs £6.49 while the Kindle download is a very reasonable £2.95 (free if you have Kindle Unlimited).

You can find the first in the series, Overexposed: The Queen’s Wayfarers here at Amazon.



  1. Best of luck to Bill with his new venture. I presume the chase aspect is with a view to selling the film rights. I’m looking forward to ‘Lightmancer Goes to Hollywood’.


    • Now no longer on the edge of my seat Bill, I have a job to do… Gotta read a book, since it fell through the door about half an hour ago!


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