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Quazy Quest: iPhone 7 Plus takes on the mighty Leica Q


We hear a lot about the excellence of smartphone photography and, in particular, of how the smartphone is about to kill off the camera industry. If you have an excellent camera in your pocket — for instance, the two in the iPhone 7 Plus — why bother with a proper camera. Well, USAToday has pitched the iPhone against that cheap-as-chips alternative. They both have a 28mm-equivalent lens. One has a few more pixels and a relatively enormous sensor, one is very thin and is always in your pocket. And you know what they say about the phone in your pocket. 

Read the full story here.  and save yourself £3,000…….



  1. Kudos to Leica for getting the word out that they have carved out a wonderful niche for themselves and are here to stay.
    All in all a wonderful marketing piece which i hope brings Leica to the attention of more people.

  2. There are plus and minus points here. It’s not the camera that takes the photo, but rather the photographer. However, using a more complex camera does usually lead to more thought about image quality, exposure, framing etc. On average, therefore, somebody with a ‘better’ camera should produce, on average, a better image. However, there are some people who can produce a better image (not just IQ which is not the be all and end all of image making) with a smartphone than most other people could produce with an expensive camera. There will be a new iPhone 8 soon, but I believe that the people who purchase it will do so for a myriad of reasons and not just for the camera. How the plus and minus points work out is really a matter for personal choice. We are lucky to have so many choices nowadays.


    • Correct William, although I rather think that it is the other way around…

      The iPhone is really complex, with miles of code controlling what happens when one pulls the trigger, whereas the best cameras leave the creative work to the operator, by being very simple albeit high quality tools.

      The really interesting comparison would be between an iPhone and a Leica M-A, that would really set the cat amongst the pigeons.

      If the operator is reasonably knowledgable s/he will be able to make a good picture with anything from a camera phone to the simplest film camera, whereas many folk would have much trouble with a real Leica, but be a dab hand at making images of dinner with the phone.

      In other words it is not the quality of the equipment that makes a good picture, it is the creative ability of the operator, and where the iPhone and virtually all other digital cameras flatter, the simpler cameras make impossible demands that ultimately are more satisfying to the keen photographer.

  3. I am sorry Mike, but trying to read your review with its embedded links blasting pop music and narrative was a frustrating, even painful, experience. So, no conclusions drawn.

    • Sorry David. I read through the article without starting the video, which is quite possible. Maybe your computer is set to automatically start media — it’s something you can change for the future. I agree is can be annoying but that’s part of the penalty with some major news sites such as this. I think the text is interesting, however.


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