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iOS 11: Leica image shuttlers beware, it could break your workflow


With Apple’s iOS 11 available for download next Tuesday (September 19) it worth bearing in mind that users of the Leica Image Shuttle application could run into problems if they do run the update.

Here is the official info from Leica:

The use of the Image Shuttle App in combination with the Leica C, Leica D-Lux and Leica V-Lux cameras will no longer be possible with the shortly to be released Apple iOS11 operating system. This incompatibility is due to the fact that the iOS11 operating system supports only 64-bit apps. In view of this, the app will no longer be available as a download from the App Store. 

We are currently working at full speed on establishing compatibility with the new Apple operating system and estimate that the new version of the app will be released by the beginning of October 2017. Should you wish to continue using the existing Leica C Image Shuttle App, we recommend that you postpone updating your operating system to iOS11 until the revised version is available. We will notify you as soon as the iOS11-compatible version of the Leica C Image Shuttle App is available.”



  1. I don’t use the Leica Shuttle thing, but I understand that a lot of other apps and softwares may be similarly affected. There is no doubt about who is the boss in the ‘orchard’.


  2. So used have I become to Apple being reasonably reliable about not breaking one’s system with updates, that I have foolishly taken the latest iTunes update.

    It would seem that now, not only can I not manage IOS apps from the mac os desktop (itunes)… Their marvellous "Time Machine" application does NOT work. I tried to restore my old version of iTunes and the OS told me that it couldn’t do it as mac os cannot function without iTunes.

    Jobs would be spinning in his grave to know that within five years that his carefully built system was now as good as Windoze.

    • Stephen

      We have long since ceded control to the ‘keepers of the orchard’ who now provide dumbed down systems to a market where the majority do not want to be able to control things. The situation is begging for someone to come up with a comparable and competing eco-system which will give control back to interested users. Would this be a success? Breaking into the mass market is not that easy and growing and maintaining that is even more difficult. Even for Apple, with their massive cash pile and market share, they may be starting to find that the annual upgrade cycle for electronic products has run its course. Will there be gap for someone else to step into? Time will tell.


      • Yes William, perhaps one of those latest flavours of linux will catch on, though I doubt it.

        The thing about iTunes is that virtually the only time I use it is to manually manage the iPhone and back it up locally… I use Linn software for my music, and mostly the internet for video, and only rarely use Apple TV which works with iTunes when it is playing video files from the mac… So that means hardly ever.

        So Apple have taken out the only useful bit of their very worst application, but kept the unused part which I cannot remove from my system.

        They might be able to exonerate themselves if they were to make that application either uninstallable or invisible (built in to OS), and to introduce a mac os version of the IOS app store, with a phone backup and restoration facility. But that seems rather a longwinded way of just for once…. Leaving things alone!




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