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Fuji X-Pro 2: Development of an unhealthy fondness

  Image: Mike St.Jean
Image: Mike St.Jean

When I read the following paragraph on Mike St.Jean’s photography web site I couldn’t help thinking “been there, done that, got the tee shirt”. How many of us have sat in front of the TV, holding a new camera and aimlessly popping off a few trial shots of the sitting room? So, as Mike says:

“I’ve developed an unhealthy fondness for my X-Pro2. Sometimes I just look at it and admire it from different angles. Sometimes while watching TV I hold the camera in my hands, navigate the menus, press the buttons, and fire off a few frames…just because. Now I’ve gone over the edge, and started playing dress-up with my camera and accessorising.”

There’s no doubting the X-Pro 2 is a good looker and, if I were to dip my toe back into the world of Fujifilm I would definitely have to have one in my stable. If you are also fond of the Fuji take a look at Mike’s mods.



  1. I’ve used a pair of X-Pro1’s for almost two years now and I’m still extremely fond of them. Those older XP’s are quirky beasts–you either learn to love them or hate them. I fell in love with them and I haven’t yet felt the need to go to the X-Pro2. The newer models apparently have more universal appeal.

    My modifications are conservative–soft shutter release, screen protector and a Lensmate thumb grip. The thumb grip is a mod I consider a necessity although the body grip Mike uses might be a fair substitute.

  2. I use the X-Pro 2 for anything that will not suit my Leica M10, such as for situations where longer lenses or zooms are required. Fujifilm’s zooms are fine, but the primes are really good, right up there with the lens products from other manufacturers, particularly the 16mm f1.4, 35mm f2 and 56mm f1.2. When I got the longer 50mm -140mm f2.8 zoom, I got the handgrip for the X-Pro 2 and thought that I would only use it for the zoom, but, in fact, I leave it on most of the time now. I don’t use ‘thumbs up’ things for Fujis or Leicas, as I find that sticking my thumb in the air is awkward and unnatural. As for what my camera looks like, it is of no interest to me. I have a very nice suede strap which came as a ‘free gift’ from Fujifilm a few months after I had bought the camera. I walked into my dealer one day and he asked "did you get an X-Pro 2 , from us?”. When I replied in the affirmative, he handed me the strap in a box and said " here is a free gift from Fujifilm from you". Fujifilm also produces very regular firmware updates for its cameras and lenses. Some have commented on the number of buttons on the X-Pro 2, but, when set up properly, it can be used as a very simple camera indeed. It is without doubt one of the best handling cameras on the market.


  3. Thank you William I could not agree more, certainly for me the Fuji X-Pro2 love affair continues much as I too still love my Leica’s

  4. This is the camera most likely to tempt me away from MFT (other than a Leica M10 which would require a Lotto win), and in fact the continued absence of a Panasonic GX9 leaves that door somewhat ajar. The dual mode viewfinder and overall control layout appeals a lot. But having to invest in another lens line (unless I just stuck with the 23mm prime) makes the decision far more expensive than simply "can I afford an xpro2 body".

  5. Dogman must be the Fuji equivalent to Mr John Shingleton, still using and happy with Xpro 1 as John S is with his X1, and both are able to produce photos I can only envy.


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