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Leica CL meets a northern Japanese winter


Macfilos Weekender from Yoshinori Fukui

Last week my new CL had an exciting time, going from 30 degrees to zero in a matter of hours. I’d been sweltering in the Philippines on a work assignment and hopped on a plane from Manila to Tokyo. I then took a train north to Yamagata and, when I walked out of Yamagata station it was snowing heavily and the temperature was below freezing. I slipped the handy little CL and 18mm f/2.8 Elmarit pancake out of my pocket and snapped the scene outside the station. The CL remained unfazed and I marvelled again at the convenience of this little gem. But I think she preferred Manilla!



  1. Living in Canada, this is a scene I can appreciate. Photography in the snow is a challenging but rewarding experience. I like the way you captured the falling snowflakes, it transforms an ordinary scene into something special. Very nice!


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