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Panasonic Lumix GX9, smaller, cheaper, lacks weather protection


Despite a raft of improvements, including higher resolution screen and viewfinder, new shutter and improved focusing, I find the new Lumix GX9 somewhat disappointing.

This replacement for the excellent GX8 has been long anticipated but few expected the camera to be smaller — the GX80/85 already filled the need for a smaller, lighter-built camera. And few expected the camera to be built to lower standards, especially in the area of weatherproofing. The 16:9 format EVF is also a bit of a worry for me — although I haven’t seen it, I remember that the letter-box finder of the GX7 was very much an acquired taste. I never acquired that taste and it was one of the reasons I couldn’t get on with the GX7. On the contrary, I have been very happy with the GX8.

On the positive side, the GX9 is more of a true successor to the GX7 in size. No doubt many will welcome the smaller body — similar in size to that of the  GX80, but others will be reluctant to part with their more rugged, if larger, GX8s. I suspect the GX80/85 will now be discontinued since the GX9 occupies the same territory and price range. In effect, the GX8 has disappeared and photographers wanting more of a pro camera will have to go to the larger, heavier G9.

The GX9 will be available in March at the relatively low price of £699. If you pre-order you will receive a free Lumix G 25mm f/1.7 lens, making the package something of an outstanding bargain.

You can read a full review of the GX9 here



  1. Agree with you, Mike.

    I was wary of the G9 because the Gx8 is a favourite and I thought any possible Gx9 would be the perfect camera for me. When Gx9 rumours surfaced just after I bought the G9, i was concerned that i had gone too early and "pulled the wrong rein".

    However, this camera is not what i would have hoped for. Gx7 lovers will probably be happy. Gx8 lovers will likely find it lacking. No weathersealing and a smallish viewfinder the big misses imo. And the older Ibis v1? hmmm.

    Its got some good stuff and i’m sure its a lovely camera. But where the Gx8 was a flagship, the Gx9 is certainly not. I’ll probably get a look at one, but i doubt i’ll hanker after one at this stage.

  2. Ha! I should add that it’s perfectly fine for Panasonic to build a camera that I don’t want!

    I love that they’re making rather specialised cameras . It’s just that this one – whilst they seem to have listened to certain customers who wanted smaller and no articulated screen -seems to have missed the point in some other areas. It feels like a Gx85 with uprated sensor. A Gx90 rather than a Gx9.


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