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Classic Cases launches new website


Paul Glendell has introduced a new website for his Classic Cases and accessories. The range specialises in Leica camera of all ages but Paul is hoping to branch out into other territory, such as Fuji, which has a Leica-like following. Browsing the site is now much easier and the ordering process is streamlined. 

Over the years Macfilos has reviewed many of Paul’s hand-crafted cases, including those for the M10, Leica Q and screenless M-D. You can also see some of Paul’s wonderful pictures depicting the Devon tannery where all his leather is produced.

SPECIAL OFFER for MacFilos readers: 10% off everything on the new site until MARCH 4, 2018. Just enter the code web10 at checkout.

Find the new site here




  1. They look awesome.

    If Paul ever wants to do a small run of half-cases for the Panasonic Gx8, he may find a couple of Macfilos identities put their hands up for a couple….

    Beautiful work, Paul.

  2. Hello Jason
    Thank you for your comment. If you or anyone else would be happy to loan me your panasonic I would be very willing to quote a price for making a case for it. I can only make a case for a camera if I can have the camera to make the pattern from. Do get in touch if you are interested Regards Paul


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