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Leica Stealth Edition glows in the dark


  Blacked out lens inscription aids discretion
Blacked out lens inscription aids discretion

Leica has announced a very limited special edition of the Monochrom which the company describes as  “unprecedented”. It actually glows in the dark so you can use it in very low-light conditions without becoming confused.

The collaboration between Leica Camera and Marcus Wainwright of New York fashion house, rag & bone, has resulted in this edition of the type 246 M Monochrom. It’s the Leica Stealth Edition and is limited to just 125 sets worldwide. Again, according to the factory, the new glowing black-and-white masterpiece  “underscores Wainwright’s quest for purity and perfection”. As he says…. 

“For me the Leica M system personifies the pursuit of perfection in an object designed for a singular purpose. Inspired by that, I was aiming to try and further refine and perfect the M Monochrom – an almost impossible task – by distilling it to its purest form and highlighting the stealth nature of the camera and lens,”


The camera is finished in an unassuming matte black with “minimal branding to eliminate any distractions from the purity and integrity of the design”. The most important engravings for photographic settings are highlighted on both camera and the 35mm Summicron lens, “crafted with a striking glow in dark fluorescent paint for optimal use in low-light situations”. A jet black, smooth cowhide trim completes the ensemble. 

  Ideal for photography in the gloaming, the Leica Stealth edition glows in the dark
Ideal for photography in the gloaming, the Leica Stealth edition glows in the dark

The camera and lens set will be available at the Leica Store Miami from March 20 at a cost of $15,750. The UK price is  £13,000 and the set will be available only at the Leica UK stores and dealers or online at Leica Mayfair.

This is actually quite an attractive creation. At a small premium, and perhaps earlier in the life cycle of the M246, I could have been tempted. The idea of glowing digits isn’t a bad one. The problem is that the M246 is nearing the end of its life cycle. I confess I don’t understand the motivation of collectors and the effect the rarity might have on future prices, but no doubt all 125 sets will be snapped up as usual.




  1. Hmmm….. That’s £4,500 for a bit of flourescent paint and a leather jacket. What is the world coming to? The good thing is that all this dubious marketing strategy means that the M10 Monochrom can’t be far away. I’ll wait for that, I think.

    • I think you summed it up well, Nico. But I suppose that could apply to many Leica products — the M-D, for instance.

  2. For auto only users? What about using f4 or f2.8 in the dark? Is this another case of Leica style triumphing over function? Collectors don’t bother with life cycles, of course. Not for me, though, as there are plenty of interesting historical Leicas out there to collect which don’t come with off-putting marketing spin.


  3. Let’s call this for what it is-ridiculous. All the Leica haters will be chortling all over the forums. And rightly so. What next ? A Braille Leica M with braille controls, no rangefinder and LCD at a $2000 premium – for blind photographers?
    Give us a break Leica. You make great cameras but you need to have a serious team meeting with your marketing department.

    • You are right about the bad rep, John. I had my photograph taken once by a blind photographer, Henry Butler, a jazz pianist from New Orleans. You can search online for details of his photography. He used a very humble camera if I recall correctly. Unfortunately there is a market for such ‘fancy Dan’ cameras. The prototype of the hideous red Leica M with 50 APO is sitting on €30,000 and a copy of the red lens alone is sitting on €22,000 at Westlicht half an hour before the auction commences. More is expected when the auction commences. There is ‘nowt as queer as folk’ as Mike might say.


    • I don’t see what’s wrong with this. I really like Wainwright’s work, and I think this is a great looking version of the camera. I’m all for these more subtle collaboration designs. I would just rather have the M10-based Monochrom.

  4. Thank you John, As always you put far better than ever I could do! As to Leica’s marketing department? Time I think to sack the lot.


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