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Royal Wedding: Time for snapshots with the little Ricoh GR


When I was invited to a Harry & Meghan party by friends and neighbours I thought I’d better take a few snaps for the record — and for the website. I don’t usually do this sort of stuff but after a few glasses of wedding champagne, a droplet of wine and an espresso martini (no, I hadn’t heard of that before but it was great, thank you, Simon) I pulled out the ever ready Ricoh GR. We’ve all been in this position, the wedding, the group shot. You know. 

This is the only camera I own (other than an iPhone X) that I can actually fit in a pocket and have available at all times. But it does an excellent job, as usual. Despite the tiny dimensions, the GR packs an APS-C sensor and produces results that always please. While this is only a teensy weensy photo, the definition is good enough to blow up to A1 size without a problem. 

Today was special and great fun, even though we were 20 miles from Windsor where all the action was taking place. I imagine this is typical of the many such parties that have taken place all over Britain this weekend.

The good thing about the Ricoh GR is that it is a camera that is always there. I slip it into my pocket when I don’t really want to carry a camera but, equally, don’t wish to rely on my smartphone camera. 


  1. I owned it and never got on with it because of no viewfinder. But I have seen fabulous large pictures taken with it. It is still a great camera today I’d no viewfinder is ok for you. It shows that what works for one person may not work for another. Too bad that we do not have many local family owned camera stores anymore where you can fondle before commitment.

  2. I was up at 6:00 am in New York and as a completely wired Brit stayed all day to watch the wedding and its aftermath. I especially (I’m an architectural historian) appreciated the fan faults – better than King’s College Chapel, and of course built by a monarch who didn’t especially treat marriage as special..


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