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Leica Accessory Guide 2nd Edition now back in print at Red Dot Books


As we reported at the beginning of March Red Dot Photo Books, a subsidiary of London Leica dealer Red Dot Cameras, has taken over the Leica reference library from long-time publisher, Hove Collectors’ Books. The new company’s first reprint was the Leica Pocket Book 8th Edition which provides a comprehensive reference source for cameras, lenses and accessories up to and including the Leica M9. 

Now the company has reprinted the very handy pocket edition of the Leica Accessory Guide — the current second edition. It contains comprehensive details of almost every Leica accessory for film cameras produced from the very earliest days of Leitz. If you don’t know your FISUMs from your SNHOOs, then this is the little book for you. The cross reference of all those obscure codes (which I’m sure William Fagan knows by heart) is one of the most useful features of the book. 




  1. Thanks Mike. I have both books. My guide to accessories is a first edition, the only prize I ever won at the Leica Society raffle. You can find a FISUM and a SNHOO there and even a NOOKY, if anyone is interested. If these little books, which are an excellent start, give a taste for Leica collecting, the next step is to get a copy of the late Denis Laney’s Leica Collector’s Guide, probably the most comprehensive guide available. If the disease becomes incurable there are plenty of other books by the likes of Jim Lager and Paul-Henry van Hasbroeck to keep one’s enthusiasm going.

    Congratulations to Ivor and the Red Dot team for getting these books back into the market.



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