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New cameras flooding in this week

  Well, not exactly new.... but this shot is a fine example of the capabilities of Leica
Well, not exactly new…. but this shot is a fine example of the capabilities of Leica’s D-Lux (aka Panasonic LX100). This week is slated for the announcement of the twins’ successor — initially in the form of the new LX100 II. Could there be a new D-Lux in the works? 

This week is looking extremely interesting on the announcements front. We are expecting the Panasonic LX100 Mk. II, as I covered in an earlier article on Friday, but next Thursday is likely to see a much more important release — of the two new Nikon mirrorless cameras with the rumoured Z mount. There is likely to be a 24MP, said to be called the Z6, majoring on high-speed and low-light photography while the 45MP Z7 is the one for ultimate detail and resolution. There will also be several new lenses but with an emphasis on high-performance professional primes. 

Nikon has been teasing us for weeks, so the camera had better be good…..

After Sony’s announcement this week that it holds the largest share of the US mirrorless market, the Nikon entry cannot come too soon. Some would say the horse has already bolted and that Nikon should have paid more attention to the stable door years ago. However, there is no denying that this announcement is a major bit of news and we will all be looking forward to the juicy details. 

There is also likely another camera from a leading manufacturer to come during the week but I can’t comment on that at the moment. All will be revealed in due course. 




  1. Isn’t the M10 P also announced this week Mike? Or is that already a done deal.

    Nikon’s entry looks interesting with new mounts and new lens ranges and the F mount adaptor.


  2. I have just taken delivery of a Hasselblad X1d camera in mint condition with warranty (demo) for fabulous price and new 45mm and 90mm for huge discount (thousands) by store closing out Hasselblad. Unfortunately they did not have 30mm. Besides a couple of well known issues such as slower than state of art autofocus it is my ultimate camera. It is way above my creative skill level and makes me want to go out and make pictures. I like some things better about my Leica SL but on the overall I like this camera better for my needs. The X2d is coming any moment so I jumped on the massive price drop. I do not need more. I just need to get taking more photos and continue to take courses and enjoy the creative journey. We are so blessed to have so many creative tool options. My Panasonic G9 is wonderful with is relatively compact great range of amazing glass options. I am delighted to see the constant rollout of new cameras as one can find recent or older cameras that take gorgeous images for considerable savings. Sensor technology does not improve as dramatically as the manufacturers try to convince us.


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