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Leica M10-P The Video


As Ivor says at the beginning of this little video, we aren’t professional actors. Or any sort of actors for that matter. But this is our first sortie into the vlogging world — a first look at the Leica M10-P. Love it or loathe it.

A big thank you to Francis Qureshi whose professional excellence in producing and editing this video was invaluable. You can just see Francis bending over one of the two Leica SLs in the shot demonstrating the touch facilities.   


  1. Great video ! I really enjoyed watching the two of you explaining the new features of this camera. To be honest I’m regretting having sold my M system for the S line, perhaps now that I’ve seen this review of the M10P I’ll go back to it. Really like it .

    • Hi Armin, I remember meeting you at Red Dot one day and I’m glad you are still reading. I’ve mercifully managed to avoid the S (for reasons of wallet rather than dislike) but I have been in and out of the SL twice. On both occasions, I decided, very reluctantly, that it was too big for me. The M10-P is definitely a smaller and more convenient alternative.

  2. I have a lovely old M9 which is fab, but I reckon my 35 chron would love the M10-P…well, I can dream, ..📷

  3. Magnificent job, and camera! Think you are on to your vlogging destiny, may I suggest that you get followers and contributors involved no others do that with their audience. Your customers and guest writers deserve to shine. Thank you!

  4. Excellent video. Would you and Ivor consider making some more – maybe featuring some of the ‘gems’ in Ivor’s ‘museum cabinet’? Some of them, e.g. the very early pro Canon DSLR, likely sold when new, for more than M10-P. Such landmark cameras are now largely unloved and forgotten. But maybe the occasional video could be potential ‘box-office’ for Macfilos followers?

    • That’s a good idea, Dunk…. As you know, I’ve written about some of the stuff in Ivor’s museum, including the spy cameras and the Ilford Witness. I think it could be popular. I will suggest it to Ivor.

    • ref ‘Excellent video’ … should have also given Francis Qureshi a mention as he was the video cameraman/director

      • Dunk, you are absolutely right and I’ve added a paragraph. I did intend to do this but everything was such a rush yesterday that I was just concentrated on getting the video live. I had also intended to do a quick shot of the (extensive) equipment used during shoot but, again, I forgot. All that equipment rather put the kibosh on any thoughts I entertained about trying some vlogging in selfie mode from the comfort of my office desk.

  5. Brilliant video – very professional. You and Ivor seem to have found your vocation.
    We look forward to seeing many more.

    • Thanks George & Juliet. I don’t know about vocation but I’d certainly like to try another one sometime. I think confidence improves with experience.

  6. Like other commentators here really enjoyed this, but then it is about the camera I would most covert.

    But what struck me most was how Ivor and yourself have such different shooting styles. Sorry it stood out most to me.

    I for one would like to see more of these – maybe do a history of Leica M’s. film and digital – or lens reviews.


    • Yes Michael appears to be left handed?

      Will Leica release a version of the M10 for lefties?

      I think we should be told…

      • Hmm… Not. But I am a bit eyebidextrous. Try as I may, I cannot get used to using my right eye to focus (all sensible people say the left eye should be outboard of the camera, ready to survey the surrounding scene). So I invariably bring the camera to my left eye. I did a piece on eye dominance some months ago but am too lazy to search for it.

        • That was the article I was referring too – I wasnt going mad and just thinking it up.. lol. I knew I had read about the eye we use to shoot with, and was certain it was here.

          I can sleep well again.

    • Yes, Dave thinks I’m lefthanded, which I am not. It’s just that despite convention and good advice, I always bring the camera up to my left eye. Don’t forget the video is a mirror image.

      • I am sure you had a previous article about which eye is the one we use – and you just happen to use the left over the right.

        What stood out to me, is that Ivor uses as camera as I do, and that you have a very different technique – but like of us, what works for you, works.

  7. "..Don’t forget the video is a mirror image.." ..huh? Then why is each of you – in the video – wearing your watch on your left wrist?

    A video, like a film or a photo, shows us as others see us. When we look in a mirror, we see ourselves as others do NOT see us – that is, reversed left-for-right. (Looking in a mirror, your watch would appear on the RIGHT wrist of the person you see in the mirror.)

    If you see yourself in ‘FaceTime’ on a Mac, though, your image is INTENTIONALLY switched left-for-right by software, so that you see yourself as you would normally see yourself in a mirror, so that your own image looks familiar ..but the other person sees the NORMAL image of you ..unreversed.

    • You got me. You are right of course. I still haven’t rewatched the video to see how out of kilter I am. I keep putting it off in case it is an incurable habit


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