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Choosing the best one-inch sensor travel camera


This summer I’ve been suffering rather from one-inch-sensor overload. in fact, on one or two occasions I felt like screaming what with all the facts and figures to sift through and hundreds of images to process.

First came the Leica C-Lux, with its stupendous 24-360mm-equivalent zoom. Then I got my hands on the latest version of the Sony RX100 — the Mark VI edition, also with a long zoom. It’s faster, but falls short of the Leica by a full 160mm. The review of the Leica C-Lux has already been published on Macfilos and tomorrow I’m adding a review of its competitor, the RX100 VI. Both are great cameras and will do any traveller proud, both fit in a pocket — although it is the Sony which fits best — and both offer great image quality and all-round excellence.

But which should you go for? Following the Sony review, I will pen an assessment of the pros and cons of both cameras and attempt the impossible — to make a firm recommendation. First, though, tomorrow brings the in-depth review of the Sony. It has been my companion for two months and fitted snugly into my trouser pocket on my recent visit to Hong Kong.


  1. Hi Mike..look forward to it. I’ve been also thinking of LX100 ii as a competitor. Different sensor sizes and zoom range etc but essentially they both offer fixed lens, with a zoom and compactness. I suppose you might review that at some point.- Mahesh


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