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The dark side of MacOS Mojave


Tonight’s the night, folks. From 6pm here in London we can download and install the latest MacOS, named Mojave as in desert. I could go into considerable details, but why bother when John Voorhees at MacStories has done the job so well. But I can say that the feature I’m most looking forward to is dark mode, which John covers in great detail.

Traditional black on white can be a strain on the eyes and, since I’ve been using dark mode on the Ulysses text editor for some months, I’ve noticed a big improvement. Coupled with the comfort of my new MacBook Pro, instead of the larger, further-away screen of the old iMac, dark mode makes me far more relaxed in front of the computer.

Read John Voorhees’s exemplary review of MacOS Mojave here at MacStories.



  1. I did wonder when that would arrive, but I’ll wait until the weekend before I roll it over.

    If it’s anything like the last few it will be a tightening of the OS, a few new features and a bit of gloss to keep us all happy.

    The biggest worry for me is, will lightroon 5 still work 😂

    Dave S

  2. I have just updated my 2012 MacBook Pro to the new OSX version.

    I like dark mode – it rocks.. how come it took so long to do this.

    The new method for reviewing your photos is also excellent, much better than the scrolling picture gallery we used to have.

    Other than that it feels cosmetic, as in a gentle buff of the last version.

    I’m happy, and glad that Apple still give this to us free.

    Dave S


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