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Hands on with the Panasonic S models


An excellent overview of developments in the full-frame mirrorless market has appeared todat on the BBC website. written by the Technology Desk editor, Leo Kelion. It includes a video from Dan Simmons at Photokina which features a number of interviews and, interestingly, some new views of the Panasonic full-frame mock-ups. Well worth watching.

One thing that strikes me is the size of the Panasonic S-series cameras when you see them in the hand. These cameras are not all that much smaller than the Leica SL, although their rounded profiles make them a little more cuddly. They are certainly not the svelte creatures that we have seen from Sony and, more lately, from Nikon, and it will be interesting to see what reaction we get from those photographers who have been hoping for a much smaller camera to go with their M lenses.

See the full story here


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