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Leica Q Khaki: Do up your puttees, button up the trench coat


It’s here, the camera you have all been waiting for. Today Leica introduces the Leica Q Khaki special edition just in time for the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war. Puttees and all. Call me contrary, though, but this doesn’t look at all like the colour I know as khaki, it’s more the Leica Q Sage Green, but maybe the screen of my new MacBook Pro is out of adjustment.

Without doubt, however, this is the ultimate stealth snapper for wildlife, although the 28mm lens might present a problem in getting close without frightening the animals. It will also cut quite a dash in town. In the country it will nicely complement your Barbour jacket (in sage green, of course).

The new Leica costs £4,150 but it’s a limited edition of 495 pieces, so you’d better place your order immediately — certainly before 11.11.18. 

I will let Leica do the eulogy:

Press information

Leica Q ‘Khaki’:

New special edition with khaki-coloured leather trim, classic Leica script and celebrated camera features.

Wetzlar, 10th October 2018. Leica Camera AG is now offering a limited special edition Leica Q high-performance compact camera with a full-frame sensor and a fast prime lens. Featuring premium real leather trim in khaki, the new camera stands out from the previously released classic models and sets a colourful highlight in the Leica Q family. The engraving of the classic Leica script on the top plate of this special edition is also filled in matching khaki. A carrying strap in the same colour completes the stylish design of the silver camera body and lends the special edition a look reminiscent of the classic Leica M ‘Safari’ models.

The special edition of the Leica Q ‘Khaki’ is strictly limited to 495 pieces globally and is available from today.

The technical specifications of the Leica Q ‘Khaki’ are identical to those of the standard model of the Leica Q. Thanks to its particularly fast Leica Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH. lens, the camera is perfect for photography in available light situations, for street photography, architecture and landscapes. To permit reliable control of subject composition, the Leica Q also features an integrated viewfinder with a resolution of 3.68 MP. Even the finest details of every exposure are displayed without any perceptible lag as soon as the camera is brought up to the user’s eye.

All functions of the camera are clearly laid out and logically placed to guarantee perfect ergonomics. Its clear and logical menu concept provides rapid access to all essential functions and enables users to programme personalised settings.

The Leica Q also delivers video recordings in full-HD quality. Depending on the scene and subject, users can choose between 30 and 60 full frames per second for video recording in MP4 format. The camera also features an integrated Wi-Fi module for remote control and digital transfer of still pictures and video to a smartphone or a tablet with the Leica FOTOS App.



  1. Because you are Lieca, and you can…

    It injects new life into the sales as some like to have a limited edition of something.

    You may remember the Leica R3 Safari with a matching lens set.

    However I tend to agree…Why?

    • Actually, I have no objection to the sage green Q, although I wouldn’t go so far as to buy one. But I have to say that some recent special editions have been quite risible. The boutiqueisation (new word?) of Leica is something that needs to be watched or it could draw criticism.

  2. I think I will try the Ricoh GRIII when it comes to decide whether 28mm and I go together – even without sage green, which looks superb.

    • I was never convinced on 28mm until I used the Q and discovered how good cropped images were. Even APS-C is very croppable — much more so than m4/3 and 1in. I’ve had some very good crops from the GR as well as from the 28mm Elmarit on the M and the 18mm pancake on the CL.

  3. Definitely not khaki which is more of a light brown colour.

    Even the military Bundesweher Leica Ms are described as olive green ( a web search should bring up plenty of images).

    • Yes, this is indeed right. As I mentioned in response to another comment, perhaps this is a German interpretation of the word khaki. I must ask a native German (or perhaps a German reader can help). Most of us have a clearly defined impression of khaki — my Billingham bag, for instance — and it is definitely not sage green. The German uniform of the first world war, although described as "field grey", had a definite sagey green hue. This is what set me off on the WWI theme….

  4. Hi Mike, after much goofing around trying to get a deal on a used Leica Q I have decided to buy a new Q. I am trying to decide on the beautiful silver or the more discrete black version. I cannot go wrong with either. I missed out on the snow version which would have been a great Canadian discrete version.
    I won a bid on a mint black Q on eBay for a great $2000 under standard price and now the seller has made up an excuse why he cannot fulfil order. So after a year of hunting, I would rather have a new Q, than save 10% and get no warranty and it has been previously fondled. I miss my Leica M but my aging eyes need autofocus for wide open. I do miss the rangefinder experience of my youth but then I will probably have to start warming up to a walking stick sooner than I like. I love my Hasselblad X1d but it is not a carry everywhere camera. The Leica Q will fill my Leica void that nothing else can fill. So which colour would you guys choose – I need the answer quickly in case the sage green is sold out before you answer…

    • Sorry the eBay Q blew out on you, but it is probably for the best in the end. I am not the one to ask for advice on colour. I always love to see a silver M and I walk into the shop wavering. But then I usually go for black, just because I always do. Habit. However, the M, with its deep top plate does look good in silver. This is less so with the Q, which, like the older X models, has a very narrow top plate. The new CL in silver is the exception — it looks gorgeous in silver and I am even tempted to swap. I’d avoid the sage green (which I’ve realised could be the German army’s interpretation of "khaki") on cost alone. A pretty coat doth not a good picture make.

      • Hi Mike, I appreciate your rationale for the black version of the Q. I used to own a silver M and loved how it looked. I have no Leica dealer available unless I fly so it is frustrating not being able to see and handle the real thing which makes blogs like yours so valuable. By the way, I was not seriously considering green. I use my cameras to take pictures and cannot afford to display my unused cameras in a glass display cabinet.

        • No, I never imagined the sage green was in your sights! I would choose either the black one or the silver one if that helps. On the other hand, if one comes along at the right price, I’d be happy with the black or the silver!


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