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Whatever happened to the Leica M10-D?


It seems that the screen is not the only thing missing from the Leica M10-D. The camera has also gone AWOL. When the new model was announced on October 24, it was widely expected that retail models would be available on the day of launch or shortly afterwards. I expected sufficient early quantities to meet advance orders (including mine) but for some reason, no deliveries have been made.

Instead, a handful of cameras made it to Britain and, as far as I know, most are being used as dealer display demonstrators and none are for sale. Some have been seen in the hands of journalists, although, I hasten to add, not in the hands of Macfilos writers who are low in the pecking order. I keep my ears tuned to the Leica jungle drums but haven’t heard of anyone taking delivery of an M10-D. If you’ve been lucky enough to Billingham bag one, please let me know. 

  Missing screen, missing camera
Missing screen, missing camera

This scarcity is all the more strange since some retail cameras, at least, have been available in the Far East and, as far as I know in other countries. My friend Kai Elmer Sotto in Singapore got his camera the day after the launch. Then, a few days later he had a problem where the camera would not read or write to any SD card. His local Leica dealer simply gave him a new M10-D, which rather indicates that there is stock. So there must be some around, but just not in the United Kingdom.

Here we are, nearly a month after launch and there is no sign of retail cameras, nor any hint of when they might be available. Perhaps there has been a last-minute technical hitch.

If anyone can shed light on this mystery, please let me know.


  1. Hi Mike,
    Not sure of what the stock is here in the US, but I just received my review copy yesterday from Leica USA. It is a fun camera and no issues so far. There is no way to fathom the distribution policy and what markets get what. I guess you could blame Brexit!

    • And as you see from Bill Rosauer’s comment, he already has one for review. Obviously, Leica USA gives precedence to those bloggers who specialise in Leica products. Good for them.

      • Mike, I was very surprised when I asked Leica USA and they said you’ll have it tomorrow! I like it a lot so far. The real test will be when I show it to my family next week at Thanksgiving, and I explain how its really a digital camera with no screen!?!

    • My apologies, my imagination running amok. "To bag one" is a colloquialism meaning "to get one", especially in a case where something is difficult to get. That’s what I wrote and then when I was re-reading I thought…..bag, photographer, Billingham. I don’t suppose anyone else will understand, so maybe I’d better delete the Billingham bit!

      • Mike, I caught your meaning on the first read and had a little laugh. Your explanation of your thought process brought a chuckle too. Sort of like the way I write as well, as I go through my various drafts.
        Then I remembered an old Python sketch. John Cleese speaking as a psychoanalyst on word associations. The laugh line was "word – association – football"

        • Bill, the problem with writing is that sometimes everything is clear to the writer but not immediately obvious to the reader. I need to remember that our readership is now worldwide and, for many, English is not a first language. Even, sometimes, British English idiom is not understood by American English speakers and vice versa.

  2. Mike, it is just as well that you did not mention ‘bagging Munros’ (google it, it is a real concept) or you would have really confused your readers. Come to think of it, it would probably be easier to bag a Munro than to bag an M10-D. Surely there is an official import agency for Leica (Leica UK?) with full time staff that you can contact? You certainly do enough for the brand on Macfilos to deserve some better service.



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