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Leica fan Andrew Kim joins Apple’s design team

  Extended review of the Leica T (Image Andrew Kim)
Extended review of the Leica T (Image Andrew Kim)
  Kim and Leica (Image Core77)
Kim and Leica (Image Core77)

I have long admired Andrew Kim’s Minimally Minimal blog for its professional insight on design and Andrew’s long-standing interest in Leica cameras.

Andrew Kim is a hugely talented designer. When I first started following him in 2012 he was working for Microsoft where he re-visioned the Windows design. He then moved to Tesla and concentrated mainly on interior design, including the layout of the singular dashboard concept. He worked on most Tesla models, including the S, X, Y and 3.

I was therefore fascinating to hear that earlier this month Korean-born Kim moved over to Apple. While it is possible that he is involved Apple’s rumoured Project Titan, the vehicle division, it is equally likely that he has been engaged to work on wider Apple product design. 

With all this going on in his career, the Minimally Minimal website hasn’t been as prolific as it once was. And I suppose with Apple’s fierce reputation for secrecy, blogging might not be to the forefront of Andrew’s life for the time being. This is a great pity, but I hope we can look forward to his further insights into Leica products.

I wish Andrew well in his new career with my favourite company. At least we now know there are two Leica fans involved in Apple product design, the other being Sir Jonathan Ive, to give him his full title. 


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  1. I’ve just looked at Andrew Kim’s review of the T with the summicron 55mm equivalent. Beautiful compositions. Make me want to take a whole new look at 35mm focal length. Will have to be the X2 for the time being………


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