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Macfilos off on holidays: Be right back…..


Regular readers will know that we have had some intermittent problems with the Macfilos website over the past few months. After ten years it is creaking a bit and the archive is huge. I’ve decided a complete overhaul is required and I am working with a local agency to redesign and relaunch the site. 

Apart from the slight interlude, there are a couple of issues to note:


At the moment we are unsure whether or not we can redirect existing RSS feeds. If not, sadly, this could mean resubscribing later when the site comes back on line. I will let you know later.


Subscribers to the mailing list need take no action. The system should continue to work and all your data is safe.

Commercial break

Unfortunately all this means taking a break of at least a week, possibly a few days more. We need a clear cut-off point, which is today, in order to make all the changes without new posts intruding.

Last time I took a three-day break from posting one or two readers noticed. I even got a call from one contributor to see if I were still alive. So I thought I should give you ample warning this time — before the rumours start.

If all goes smoothly we will be back next week. But if any problems are encountered it could take a bit longer.

From later today any comments posted will not be transferred automatically to the new site, but I will endeavour to copy them manually when we are back in business.

See you on February 11.



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