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Leica Summers: An alternative view

The alternative Summers/Fender/Leica set, or so it's claimed

Our article on the Andy Summers “Signature” Monochrom has garnered no liking comments but, instead, a shedload of waspish antipathy. I even had to delete one comment because I deemed it offensive. I’m not surprised at all this because this latest creation manages to out-do the previous rock-star effort in the dubious taste stakes.

It was interesting to see, therefore, that Leica Rumors has a different take on the subject.

The alternative Summers/Fender/Leica set, or so it's claimed
The claimed alternative Summers/Fender/Leica set. Tasty or what?

An LR reader sent in the above picture of what is said to be one of the prototype designs which wasn’t adopted. The question LR asks is which of the two we prefer?

I suppose it’s all a question of taste, but the multi-lens set above (which would obviously have cost a small fortune) would definitely be my choice. It’s all a matter of taste, I suppose, and Leica has traditionally exhibited good taste. To be honest, anything would have been better than the design adopted.

But then, again, I’m not going to shell out £13,000 on a camera set which looks like someone’s scrapbook.

Via Leica Rumors


  1. Well, this one looks less objectionable than the released limited edition. That’s not saying much, mind you! I wouldn’t call this a masterpiece of industrial livery either!

    It calls to mind a story about John Bloor, who resurrected Triumph Motorcycles in the 1990’s. The brands signature model became the Speed Triple, selling thousands all around the world and creating the distinctive ‘face’ of the company.

    When the time came in the mid 2000’s to look at updating the model, he reputedly walked into the first design meeting and issued a blunt edict: ” All I ask is, don’t eff it up”.

    Leica should really follow this advice, imo, with their flagship product. But then, they don’t need my advice. Clearly all these things sell and make income, tackiness or not.

    • So would I – gold limited editions, dodgy designer versions, there have been so many horrible limited editions in the past. . . . . .

      Mind you – I completely support them in doing this – I really don’t understand why people get so shirty about it – they earn money which can go into R&D for things we really do want!


  2. They should have gone with this one. The color works well.
    The one they are actually selling has a ‘look’ ( for want of a better word) that you could easily produce yourself by putting vinyl stickers all over it. But please don’t!


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