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Macfilos Advertising: A quick link to ARRI


I spend quite a lot of time staring at the Macfilos home screen and, far from being annoyed, I rather like the variety of advertisements which Google serves up for readers. I thought a lot before putting advertising on the site. It doesn’t bring in much — certainly not enough for finance to come into the equation — but I eventually decided that it could help.

Content varies according to your locality, so I tend to see only UK advertising. But my initial impression has been positive.

Fine tuning

In the interests of readers, I’ve done a lot of fine tuning of the parameters and now Google Adsense seems to come up with some pretty appropriate stuff. This includes details of exhibitions and dealer advertising, mostly with a photographic link.

This week I came across CVP, a UK dealer chain I hadn’t previously paid much attention to — probably because it is cine orientated. I couldn’t resist clicking through to the website and found, as expected, there is a great deal of cine material. Also, however, they feature some video-oriented still cameras such as the new Panasonic S1H and the Sony A7 range.

Familiar design

What stopped me in my tracks, though, was the above picture of CVP’s “ARRI Creative Space” at 81 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4PP (just in case you want to set your navigator).

What does it remind you of? Yes, looks like they had the same designers as that local Leica Store near you. Swap the white cabinet interiors for a bit of red plush and you could be in any Leica store in the world. I’m going along to have a look next week to find out if there is more of a news angle for Macfilos.

Find CVP’s website here


    • Jason, Glad to hear we’re missed. I was out all day yesterday and just didn’t have time to write anything. Today we will be back in business. Mike

      • All good, Mike.

        its just habit for me now, I wake up, make a coffee, peruse the new article from Macfilos and then head off to work.

  1. When I first opened this article, the photo immediately made me think of the Leica boutique I visited last year in Melbourne . Very similar ethos.

  2. Hi Mike.
    A totally irrelevant comment for this post but what ever happened to the Zeiss ZX1 camera that was announced years ago and still has not reached availability but Zeiss will let you know if you sign up. I do not want one but it is irritating to have manufacturers announce something (Leica, Hasselblad are major delinquents) and project availability but you should at a year minimum before you can buy one. Look at the Leica SL glass roadmap of a year ago and then try to buy anything… I assume I can purchase the 2020 glass in 2021 if I preorder! Just venting…

  3. I’ve bought a few things from CVP over the years, especially a great Canon interchangeable-lens video camera, but also a few stills items ..lenses, etc. Every now and then they have a “clearance sale”, with great prices for, say, ex-demo items. Very efficient, very reliable, heartily recommended.


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