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Jonathan Slack at Red Dot Cameras open day

Yes, not bad....: Get the low-down on testing the SL2 at Red Dot Cameras on Saturday (Image copyright Jonathan Slack)

Next Saturday is your chance to quiz long-term Leica beta tester and leading photographer Jonathan Slack. Jono will be giving a talk about his experiences of camera testing at Red Dot Cameras in Goswell Road, City, between noon and 4 pm on December 14, 2019.

Man of many parts

Jono grew up in Cornwall. His father was a doctor, sculptor and photographer and was a friend to many of the artist community, including Barbara Hepworth and Patrick Heron. He’s a botanist by training and a software developer by practice, but photography has been his obsession since his twenties when he gave up painting.

Yes, not bad....: Get the low-down on testing the SL2 at Red Dot Cameras on Saturday (Image copyright Jonathan Slack)
Yes, not bad but a bit of vignetting….: Get the low-down on testing the SL2 at Red Dot Cameras on Saturday (Image copyright Jonathan Slack, Leica SL2)

He has been working with Leica Camera AG as a beta tester since 2007, beginning with the M8 and including all the major releases since then. During this time, he has come to understand that Leica really is dedicated to the essence of photography and that the M10 is “the pinnacle of reductionist functionality”.

Low-down on testing

Here’s your chance to find out what it’s like to work with Leica as the company develops a new camera or lens. There will be a question-and-answer session and you can also get your hands on the new SL2.

Read Jono’s full review of the new Leica SL2


  1. I sure would be there if I could – I live in Canada. I love Jono’s articles and his photography is worthy of Leica. I have made purchase decisions based on his advice.

  2. Jono,

    I too have made Leica purchase decisions based on your thoughts/opinions. Wish I was closer than Rochester, NY so I could go listen.

    Query whether you ever got a Leica Q2? I did and have a love-hate relationship with it. Love the image quality and Leica look but hate the autofocus, especially the face detection, and often resort to manual focus.

    Will miss hearing and meeting you, Ed

    • Well Edwin
      I certainly wouldn’t come all the way from Rochester to listen to me!
      As for the Q2 – no, I didn’t, but I didn’t get the Q either, much as I like 28mm, I always carry a small bag and I’d rather have an M with a 28 and a 50 or 75 when I’m travelling light, so it isn’t really so much of an attraction – excellent though they are.
      Mind you – I very much fell in love with the Q, and expected to be head over heels over the Q2, but I wasn’t, and I still don’t really know why.

  3. That’s a pain as I am working this weekend and would have liked to attend this, and have the chance to get some street shots in and around London.

  4. Jono, envious that I won’t be able to make it, but the weather in Perth, Western Australia is just beautiful at this time of year if Goswell Road seems too cold.

      • I just received the SL 35/2 and briefly tested it out and wow – it is a sensational lens. Now if Leica could give me a clue on the arrival of my preordered SL2. I hope you get the chance to do a review of the SL 21/2 as it is on my next priority.

      • Hi Jono, Leica was rude to my camera store on asking for SL2 availability update: “Stop asking”. About as service oriented as the repair department…
        I sure would like to get my hands on a SL2 in-spite of their rudeness and crudeness. I am on a wait list but do not want to sell off my Panasonic stuff to fund purchase or be caneraless. Do they have any charity? Unfortunately, I am addicted to their glass and craftsmanship. Too bad they lack humanity.


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