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Linda Lens meets Kid Click: A rare glimpse of the superheroes of photography

Reproduced by permission of Flashback.com and used editorially without commercial intent

Did you know there was once a comic devoted to photography and superhero snappers? I didn’t — until our resident vintage camera expert, William Fagan, pointed me in the direction of a website which is a veritable treasure trove of flashbacks to all manner of esoteric subjects. Quite apart from this one article, you’ll find lots to feast on.

Camera Comics flourished and died within a very short period of time between 1944 and 1946. Nonetheless, the series had its full complement of action heroes whose sole weapon of war or persuasion was the humble camera.

Spearheaded by Linda Lens, Woman Photographer and Kid Click, Teenage Photographer, the collection of superheroes included Bob Scott USN, Crash Photographer, Jim Lane, Insurance Investigator and others including Grey Comet. Eastman Kodak appears to have had a finger in the pie as you will notice when you start reading.

So settle down in splendid isolation and flash right back to Camera Comics….


  1. Coincidentally we are watching the Marvel superheroes movies during the lockdown. One every evening, in chronological order.

    • You will need a lot of evenings to do them all in chronological order. I have tried to do it, but i end up skipping to the ones I enjoy. Good luck and happy watching. I wonder how many hours the whole lot is.

  2. A nice and quirky idea, and it must have made some sales given it lasted a couple of years. I suspect it struggled as it would have been up against the likes of DC comics Batman – who was late 30’s to memory and possibly a more established detective by then. He probably appealed to a wider audience too.

    Sad, as it looks quite interesting as a concept.


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