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Leica Q at Five: Comment on the camera Leica got right


Comments were inadvertently turned off for yesterday’s article on the Leica Q at Five. Apologies. If you read the article and intended to comment, can I ask that you return and leave your views? I would really appreciate some discussion this topic. The comments have now been turned on.

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  1. An extremely good camera that be excellent is were provided with an interchangeable L series lens – then for me, it would be perfect.

  2. As fate would have it, my new-to-me Leica Q-P arrived at my house yesterday.
    Impressive, both to use and to fondle. Images seem nice too! I don’t know why I waiting so long…

    And, since I seem to be a lens collector (Wife:”you have HOW MANY 50mm lenses?”), having no choice but to use a permanently attached, but outstanding, 28mm may come as a relief.

  3. Leica Q is the Leica I almost traded my x’s for till I realized on original not weatherized. So after toss and turn got GR’s instead, 2 and grd4. No weather sealing but that 28mm that I have found to be great fun, and I saved a ton of cash. Looking at Q2 love the weather sealing, but I can get a used SL or Hasselblad x1d with a lens and have icl ability or in x1d med format vs Fx. Don’t even get me going about used Monochrome , all these options IMO give me better bang for the Dollar. I will pursue I think one of those options. Then in six months it will feel so good to quit beating my head for not buying Q Q2.


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