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Leica factory reopens after lockdown closure


Leica’s production line at Wetzlar is restarting this morning after the two-month closure because of Covid-19. Stefan Daniel, the company’s global product director told members of the LHSA – the International Leica Society – that full precautions to protect the workforce had been implemented in preparation for the return to normal production. He said that, despite the crisis, demand for Leica products remained quite good and so far there had been no big.

Production at Wetzlar starts again this morning. Image Mike Evans

Mr Daniel joined Dr Andreas Kaufmann, chairman of the Leica supervisory board, in a closed discussion group with members of the society on Friday.

Dr Kaufmann said that the company’s worldwide supply chain had suffered some problems as early as February, especially from China. The Covid situation had caught out the entire photographic industry, but Leica had set up a crisis team in March to manage the necessary decisions. These included the closure of the factory and of Leica stores in most parts of the world while implementing home working wherever possible. One of the most difficult decisions was in deciding when to resume production.

He went on to say that most Leica Stores were now open or in the process of reopening but, for the next two months, there would be a mismatch of demand and production capabilities. The company is working on this and he said that all demand will be met as soon as possible.

If you are interested in joining the International Leica Society follow this link.


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