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Rock & Roll’s 25%-off fifth-anniversary sale


Evris Papanikolas’s Rock & Roll straps are now so popular in the photographic world that it’s difficult to believe that the company is just five years old. But it is, and to celebrate the occasion, there’s a 25%-off sale if you visit the website. It’s a good opportunity to get a new strap for your camera ready for the heady days of post-lockdown.

The past five years have flown for me and I can well remember the day in early 2015 when I first came across Evris’s prototype camera straps in the store of Greece’s Leica dealer and importer, Skiadopoulos. I soon became friends with both Evris and Spiros Skoadopoulos, who also runs the flourishing (but independent of Leica) Leica Akademie Greece in Athens. After all this, I definitely have a soft spot for Rock n’ Roll straps, especially for wide leather-link designs which go so well with the Leica SL and SL2.

More about Rock & Roll straps on Macfilos


  1. I love the leather link design. I have one waiting to be redeployed on an SL2 when I can fund one and it is in stock.
    I also recently purchased one of their gorgeous camera bags for my truly nice rendering M9. Their craftsmanship is second to none – a lifetime investment.

  2. I always adjust the length of my camera strap based on the season…winter coat weather means a longer strap while summer weather necessitates a shorter strap to keep in a position I like. Rock ‘n’ Roll straps are fixed length. How does one deal with the fixed length based on your outerwear?

    • Check the website. I am under the impression most of the straps are made in alternative lengths. The standard length is 100cm, but I think 120cm and even longer is available.

      Ah, but I see what you mean – that you prefer an adjustable strap. I’m the opposite in that I don’t like adjustable straps and I don’t like the threaded fixings on original-equipment straps. I prefer the split ring on fixed-length straps, although I often change to a longer version in winter I line with your preferences.

      The SL straps featured in the article does have a form of threaded tongue to go through the DSLR-type slot, but it is neat.

      • The 2 strap method for winter/summer would certainly work well. Here’s an idea for a variable length strap: create short length straps (3″, 6″, 9″) to attach to the end(s) of the fixed length strap. The short straps will attach to the camera. The trick would be to make the attachment look seamless or make as a design element. You buy a “summer strap” for light clothing and add the extensions for winter/heavy clothing. Best of both worlds, perhaps. Any thoughts?

        • Not sure if this could be made to work neatly, but it’s an idea. With split-ring/lug fixings there’d be a need to ensure the end of the cable can take the extension without looking unsightly. The SL strap has a leather tongue which threads through the slot on the camera and, again, it would be a challenge to make it seamless. I suspect that if this were implemented it would have to be sold as a kit, with both straps there originally. I can’t see it would be economical to make short additions for existing straps.


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