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Leica’s new small-system Ettas bag


Leica today announces a small-system shoulder bag, the Ettas, which is aimed at owners of larger compacts and smaller M/CL/TL systems. With its canvas coating and rubberised zip, the bag is splash-proof and ideal for use in bad weather conditions. According to Leica, the Ettas is suited to the V-Lux, Q2 or CL systems and also works well M cameras mounted with a lens up to 90mm in focal length.

Measuring 15.5cm wide at the top, the Ettas tapers down to 11.5cm. It is 16cm high and has a depth of 13cm (top) to 8.5cm (bottom). It features an ex-wide, removable carrying strap to improve comfort. In addition, there is a convenient carrying handle on the top cover. This enables the bag to use carried easily even if the shoulder strap is removed. Inside the Ettas is a pocket to store spare batteries, SD cards or filters.

The Ettas comes in two colours, red/black and khaki/black. The recommended retail price in the UK is £220, including VAT.


  1. What a great idea for an article or survey of photos or just names of bags used by Macreaders. I will start. ONA PRINCE CANVAS TAN. Now the Holy Grail…John Shingleton’s kids back pack home to his cameras.

  2. A vintage Billingham from the early 80’s, an Ona Berlin, Peak 5L Sling, Peak 10L Sling. And I’m sure there’s another one somewhere…my wife rolls her eyes and just mutters “Imelda…” under her breath.

  3. Believe it or not: I have a tiny Lowepro bag in my collection. It’s named “Film Organizer AW” and was meant to store films and other acessories. It is designed to be worn on a belt, but I attached a shoulder strap to it. And, behold, it stores an M with small lens and one or two additional lenses. Or my good old Olympus OM with a 50, a 24 and a 85. Not too bad for travelling.

  4. There was a discussion on the Leica Forum during the week about vintage Leica cases. One that was mentioned was the ETKAL, known as ‘the case for the lady’ in the politically incorrect 1920s and 1930s. None of us had ever seen one and I suggested that they might have been ‘assigned to other duties’. What I had in mind was that they might have been used as a handbag or make up case.

    I have put on dark glasses (so nobody might recognise me) for a surreptitious look at the Leica Store Mayfair website and I see that there is a handbag for the C Lux called the ‘Andrea’. I also seem to recall, Mike, some kind of powder blue confection which looked like a large handbag or ladies shopping bag with a receptacle for the C Lux, but it seems to have escaped from the Leica menu for the time being.

    I am not a bit fashion conscious. What I use for my cameras are a set of 3 Billingham Black and Tan bags of different sizes. I bought them because they were serviceable, but then a Scottish friend pointed that Black and Tan was a very brave colour for a God fearing Irishman to carry around Dublin. Anyone who is confused by this should just Google ‘Black and Tans and Ireland’.

    £220, you say, Mike. Is there a discount for buying in bulk?


  5. I recently looked at a lot of expensive bags but ended up buying a small Neumora messenger bag for about $40 AUD. It holds the TL2 with lens attached and two extra lenses in the padded insert and still has space for an iPad mini, wallets, keys and a few bits and bobs; surprisingly capacious given the small size. As a cheapo bag it’s also a bit stealth — hopefully no one looking at it would realise just what it contains.

  6. A Lowepro backpack for the tele-photo equipped Nikons and a Wotancraft Avenger for everything else.

    Also about a dozen assorted laptop bags. I’m sure they’re breeding.


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