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Photographic retailers getting back to normal


While things are different in every country, prospects are now looking much better for British photo retailers. I’ve had a chat with several dealers over the past week and there is evidence that the recovery has been quicker than anticipated.

One dealer told me that business is already back to normal. Indeed, following the reopening there was a rush of business which is only now returning to levels experienced at the same time last year. Currently, interest is better than it was in the first quarter of 2020 when sales were particularly low.

His theory is that, after nearly four months of staying at home, without commuting costs and with no opportunity to visit restaurants and cafes, many people are counting their cash and realising they are better off than they thought.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to all, and there will be many cases of hardship following loss of employment. But photographers are returning to their retailers and spending, whether from new-found reserves or as an antidote to all that enforced absence of shopping opportunities.

Recovery will be patchy, quite obviously, but there are signs that in many areas things are getting back to normal sooner than pundits expected. Let’s hope the trend continues. We hear too much gloom and doom from the media and it is good to have a positive story to tell for a change.


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