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Countdown to a Leica M event


Leica Camera has invited the faithful to an “online unveiling event” which will take place at 3 pm next Thursday, July 16. I suspect this is Central European Time, which is the usual embargo release point for all Leica product announcements. Here’s a special countdown video which you can select and watch diligently for the next seven days. It ain’t doin’ nothin’ yet. But watch this space.

Join Dr Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Stefan Daniel, Global Director of Product Division Photo, in welcoming the latest member of the M10 family. This global event will be conducted in English. 

Since we don’t do rumours here at Macfilos, we are not officially privy to the content of the video, nor to the details of the product. However, the invitation is live on Leica’s websites, so no reason why we shouldn’t mention it. Most readers will make an educated guess. Polish up your credit cards, all ye who enter here.

What do you think it could be?


  1. I think it will be a colour sensor version of the M10 Monochrom – 40 MP. I just received my lovely SL2 so gorgeous M9 is safe as the budget is exhausted. However, it will be a welcome addition to our choices.

  2. If they are going to improve the M it should be a finder system that doesn’t easily go out of alignment rather than a new flavour of sensor.
    Next best improvement? Weatherproofing.

    • We can rule out any changes to the body or specification other than the sensor. On weatherproofing, surely it’s impossible because none of the M lenses are protected.

      • True, but it would still be beneficial to have the body protected. That’s where most of the electronics , battery and your SD card are .I guess I should have said weather resistance.
        Personally, I’m already more than happy with what the current sensors can do.

  3. If just more mp (Yawn) now if MF NUMBER MP W WEATHER SEALING, and priced to Hassey x1d 2 then they would shake up the Camera world! I guess as long as it not another special edition folks will be happy.

  4. Brian – Congratulations! I hope it works well for you. I too just received my SL2 – and in fact gave up my M10 (heresy!) in order to consolidate with my Fp. How is your Fp doing? I bought the “viewfinder” and haven’t tried it out much – it does as you note work with the large handgrip.Looking forward to your review and to your experience with the SL2

    • Although I love the rangefinder concept, I find the M10-D satisfies my now less-frequent desire to pick up an M. I have no plans to upgrade to a higher resolution M and find I now take more pleasure in using the Q2 and SL2. If I am tempted by 28/35mm, as I am most time for general photography, then it is the Q2 I pick up.


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