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Leica à la carte: Last servings from Red Dot Cameras

Is this the perfect tasty treat to buy, savour and keep for a lifetime? The Red Dot special à la carte MP is a very desirable stealthy beast that will be a pleasure to own.

Back in May, Leica announced the ending of its remarkable à la carte service which allowed you to customise many aspects of and current film or digital rangefinder. It was a sad day for those who love their Ms and hanker after a unique model. It was a bit like specifying the build of an expensive car such as a Porsche 911. They do say that no two 911s are exactly the same and, with Leica’s bespoke service you could turn your camera into something special.

All is not lost, however. Shortly before Leica ended the à la carte service, London’s Red Dot Cameras rushed through an order for a small fleet of stealthy MP film cameras bearing some delicious Leckerbissen for the connoisseur. These unique camera bodies are now in stock and available to first comers as from this week. I don’t think they will be too long on the shelves.

Following the Covid shutdown, Red Dot’s London showroom in Goswell Road, City, is now open again for customers by appointment. The web store has been back in operation for several months. So now’s your chance to get in there in person to check out these special film bodies that will be tomorrow’s collectables. The customised MP is available for £4,900, including 20% VAT

The cameras all share the same tasty specification:

  • Black paint finish
  • Full-grain cowhide black leather covering
  • Type of top cover as M-P (240) digital
  • Rewinding device as MP
  • Operating elements MP Black paint finish
  • Viewfinder magnification M 0.72
  • Bright-line combinations 0.72 (28/90mm, 35/135mm, 50/75mm)
  • Camera carrying strap as LEICA M (Typ 240)
  • Instruction manual DE/EN

Here’s your last opportunity to savour the final course on Leica’s à la carte menu. From now on, it’s strictly boring old table d’hôte.


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