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Arteh’s black and white outdoor portrait workshop


Our friend Arteh Odjidja is running one of his very successful workshops on between February 22 and 26. This time the subject is the creation of captivating black and white outdoor portraits. Arteh is an award-winning photographer who has the knack of transferring his enthusiasm to participants in his events.

Image © Arteh Odjidja

There are just a few vacant spaces for this workshop, and the cost is £300. The programme includes one-to-one sessions, a free course workbook and an eBook gift. It will consist of three two-hour sessions during the week, with reserved one-to-one appointments. Classes are limited to six students at a time.


  1. I loved his webinars during the first lockdown, they were a considerable uplifting event that gave me some considerable thought about my photography, and my photographic processes. It will be nice to get back to normal, to see if I learnt anything from the experience.

    He is a wonderful character, and incredibly authentic to listen too.


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