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Sigma 20mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary lens for L-mount now available


Designed specifically for L and E mount, the new Sigma 20mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary is claimed to be a game-changer for mirrorless users needing an ultra-compact and light wide-angle optic. The lens weighs only 370g and is just 72.4mm in length, almost exactly the same as the company’s existing 24mm. There are now four compact lenses in the series — 20, 24, 35 and 65mm.

Sigma suggests that this lens is ideal for landscapes, wide-angle portraits, weddings and interiors, and is particularly well-suited to astrophotography because of its well-controlled sagittal coma flare. The Sigma 20nn F2 DG DN | Contemporary is claimed to offer high levels of optical performance even when used wide-open. Construction includes three high-precision glass-moulded aspherical lens elements, one SLD element, and one FLD element to suppress a range of optical aberrations. The result is clear and sharp images, even in the extreme corners of the frame.

Uncoated body illustrates the all-metal construction

The advanced optical design, as well as the Super Multi-Layer Coating and Nano Porous Coating, ensures minimal flare and ghosting even when shooting into bright light sources. It is thus easier to photograph back-lit subjects and still achieve punchy, high-contrast results.

The 20mm F2 DG DN |C features all-metal construction and internal metal structures as used in Sigma’s professional cine lens line-up.

The lens is available now and has a suggested retail price of £649.99 in the UK, including tax.

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  1. A full set of compact primes lenses is a reality, now we just need a compact body to go along with these lenses. A stills camera. With a viewfinder.

      • Yes, I’ve owned one. It is still pretty “chunky” and SLR-like. I’d like something Q-sized, or, dare I say it, M-like.

    • +1. Leica cannot keep on dragging its feet eternally, can they? Size and Weight is IMO the only thing that keeps the Leica L-mount from more widespread acceptance.

      • I’ve looked, many times, at the SL (and then the SL2s), and while I can admire its technical qualities, the fact is, for me, it is just too big. I will just stop carrying such a camera, and just end up using my GR3x. Which is unfortunate, because the SL and the L-mount ecosystem is really good. But they need a compact, every-day everywhere sort of camera, too.
        The CL is close to perfect (size-wise), maybe even a tad too small, and of course APS-C.

  2. Kudos to Sigma for keeping the L-mount alive. I personally would love to see a tiny 28mm f2 in this series. Hopefully in the nearby future.


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