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Leica introduces SL2-S Reporter camera


Leica’s successful Reporter design series, which includes an M10-P and Q2 and Q2 Monochrom, is now extended to the SL range. Leica says the new camera represents photo and video journalism without limits.

The new SL2-S Reporter features an all-metal body and special armouring made from an Aramid fibre which offers excellent grip because of its rhombuses texture. It is dust and water-resistant, as is the standard SL2-S.

The body omits the Leica logo, and the camera is finished in a matte green which Leica says is very scratch and fingerprint resistant.

In all other respects, the Reporter is identical to the Leica SL2-S with its 24MB sensor and access to a wide range of L-mount lenses.

Initial production is limited to 1,000 units, and the SL2-S Reporter will sell for a recommended £4,700 in the UK (including taxes).

Read more about the Leica SL and SL2 models


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  1. It is a beautiful camera. I do wish they had gotten rid of the huge LEICA letters as well. That is the nice thing about the Reporter M. No red dot and no brand name.

    • Well, I suppose if you are going to remake an original, you can start changing things around. The Leitz badge is a nice touch, though, even though it was seen on the M6 for only a couple of years. There’s always the MP if you want a more discreet body.

      • Hi Mike, this is the SL2-S reporter article, I was not commenting on the M6, the M6 is beautiful, I was commenting on the SL2-s Reporter versus M10-P reporter, the SL2-S is beautiful, it is just that the M Reporter is very discreet and does not scream Leica in huge letters whereas the SL2-S (still) does.

        • Sorry, my mistake. The comments have been coming in thick and fast over the past week and it’s become hard to catch up. I agree that the SL2-S is less discreet than either the M10-P or Q2 versions. Both of these look better, in my view. In any case, I have never thought of the SL as a discreet street photography tool. For that, both the M and Q are more appropriate (or dare I mention the uber-discreet Ricoh GR?


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